Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bank Holiday Blues

I really don't like Bank Holidays. They sweep in with promises of activity and days out and good times but they never live up to expectation. In fact I can't remember the last time a Bank Holiday (Christmas not included - that's a whole other ball game) included a fun day out. I am therefore, as usual, home alone doing desultry housework, and trying to write something.
And I do have a project to write for...Crossing The Tees Festival mini project on breaking barriers and crossing boundaries. I have a story half written. It needs some work to beat it into shape.
I also have a poem to work on. That's a much more slippery piece. Tricksy. So it has been relegated to the "Look At Later" pile.

In the meantime, between loading the washer and washing the pots, I have drunk way to much coffee and written a six word story about waiting...
 ...and a Last Line First story about noise.
I'm now considering 75 words for Paragraph Planet.
Oh...and I've written a blog post...So. There you go. Productive Bank Holiday fun. Hope you're enjoying yours.

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