What's it all about?

I never quite know what to say 'about me' - probably because I'm not entirely sure who 'me' is. That sounds very cryptic and existential which I am not, not really.
I'm generally a fairly happy, smiley comfortable-in-my-skin kind of person although I haven't always been, and occasionally I'm still not. But hey, we're none of us perfect and nothing in this life is permanent or certain.

This blog is a kind of mish-mash, pot-pourri, cornucopia of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I started it as an outlet for a very vague creative impulse I experienced one day, when I realised my kids had grown up and I was left feeling a smidgen surplus to requirements. I found myself with some unaccustomed spare time, a fair bit of boredom and absolutely no spare money. The time and space needed to be filled somehow and house work just wasn't going to cut it.

You'll find here a mixture of observations on life, occasional rants, some creative writing and a review or two. All rather bizarrely juxtaposed, which makes this a rather hard to categorize blog - not unlike myself.

If you arrived here via a creative writing site and were expecting to find lots of flash fiction or poetry then you might prefer to visit my other my other blog  which has more writing and much less meandering and ranting. No ranting at all, infact.

So welcome, read, respond. Feel free to leave a giggle, a sigh, a comment. Responses are always welcome and discussion positively encouraged.

D x


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