Saturday, 5 October 2013

No Love Lost

The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost

I have been reading this book over the last couple of weeks. The author, Gary Murning, very kindly sent me a pre publication copy, on the understanding that I reviewed it in time for publication day. So naturally I added it to my "Must Read Over The Summer" pile: the "high priority" sub pile of my mountainous "To Read Eventually" pile. And naturally, I didn't quite get to it over the summer...
I have a digital copy, but don't own a kindle so I rely on the Kindle App on my android phone. This poses problems as my preferred reading spots are in the bath - risk of damp - and in my mother in law's garden - difficult, on a small led screen in bright sunlight and sunglasses... and time limited this year (a whole other story, don't even go there!).
So, here I am desperately trying to read it in time for publication day so that I can uphold my end of the bargain.
My other problem while reading this book has been a growing awareness that it was going to be very difficult to review. How the heck am I going to be able to tell people about it without giving away all the fabulous surprises and developments? I hate spoilers in reviews. If I read a review that unveils those vital moments before I have had a chance to discover them myself, then I simply don't read the book. What would be the point, if that delicious journey of discovery has already been plotted for me?
And so Gary may get the shortest, most cryptic review for his lovely book. I will try to make it longer than the title. To be fair I won't be able to give the ending away, because I haven't got there yet (sorry, Gary ETA sometime early on Sunday morning). I'm expecting it to be sad, hoping it will be uplifting, utterly convinced it will not be disappointing.
The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost is out today. There's an on-line launch party going on on Facebook, Twitter and Good Reads. Anyone can join in - please do. And buy the book. It's beautiful and funny and sad...and Lorna is an almost too good to be true librarian (no, seriously, we librarians are exactly like her...)

Down load a sample to try before you buy, or just go for and buy the whole book - it's on a launch day special for Kindle The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost by Gary Murning. and it is also available in good old fashioned paperback (for those of us who don't really do the eBook thing). You'll be able to see my proper review on good reads and Amazon soon. So that just leaves one more thing to say...

Gary...well done, love!

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