Saturday, 28 September 2013

Location Location Location

During my usual desultory Saturday morning Facebook and Twitter trawl, I came across a last call tweet for submissions to a geo-writing project in Brighton. Not having heard of geo-writing before I followed the link and discovered an interesting idea, and better still, I didn't actually have to be in Brighton to join in (not that there's anything at all wrong about being in Brighton, but I am 350 miles north of it and unlikely to be able to pop down to find a prompt....)
My own writing has been languishing in the doldrums lately so I was surprised to sense a little inner flutter of interest as I read about the project. Location inspired writing is sort of what got me started (see my Flashing post). So I clicked on the prompt and amazingly the flutter turned into a steady pulse...the prompt had immediately prompted an idea. The resulting short has been sent off - with a little trepidation. The rules say I don't have to be in Brighton to join in, but it does seem a little bit cheeky. I'm not in the location, and if you know me at all or have read any more of my blog, you will know I don't actually consider myself to be a writer. Double cheek!
The geo writing project ends on the 30th Sept so you could still join in if you are quick....only 50-250 words.
I will post my little offering here shortly - cutting and pasting in the Blogger app on my phone would try the patience of a saint. In the meantime I'd like to say thanks to these guys for getting my meagre creative juices flowing again:

The writing by other contributors can be read here

Post Script:
As promised here is my meagre offering.

LOCATION: Carden Park
PROMPT: A woman in her 80s is asking people whether they have seen the aliens

Have you seen them?
Have you seen them?
Over and over, she asked, her quavering voice rising in agitation. Arthritic fingers clutching anxiously at their sleeves, hands, bags.
You must have seen them?
They were meant to be here. Meant to be here.
Meant to take me with them this time.
Promised me.
People saw her, heard her desperate pleading, gave her a wide birth, hoping to avoid any awkwardness. They had seen nothing. Shaking their heads and looking away, they scurried past, not wishing to become involved.
Doubtless someone would come for her soon.
Safely inside their cloaked ship the aliens watched and waited.

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