Thursday, 13 September 2012

Talking to myself!

A year or so ago (Ok a year ago to the day actually, thanks to a nifty little app) I was having a little rant to myself about those people who never reply to my emails and texts. Being something of a prolific "messager" I sway through a mixture of emotions if people don't respond to me - frustration, anger, worry, a certain amount of sadness and, not least, a deluge of self doubt. Naturally, they have not replied because I am simply not sufficiently interesting or important enough to them to merit it. Generally these feelings don't last long and I give myself a mental shake and get on with life. Eventually I do get a response and am suitably exasperated or overjoyed to discover that they are either completely unaware of the emotional turmoil their silence has caused, or astounded that I have been so bothered by it!  Well, we all have our own private megalomaniac tendencies, don't we? 
Anyway my point is, a year ago I said all that much more succinctly so thought I would share my attempt to capture the feeling in words.

Into the Ether
Letters spatter
Puddling into words
Sentences stream
Gurgling into silence.

 I think it's quite apt for blogging too....who knows whether anyone is even listening?


  1. I so so like you with emails/texts I ponder for what seems like hours wondering why people aren't like us and squeal at every beep or 'you've got mail' that comes into our lives.
    If summat important is left in cyberspace by other people's lack of social interaction it drives me to drink/women/throwing all my gadgets in the fecking bin.

    *disclaimer-the first two options are not so hard to be drove to.!!

    Michael xx

  2. Ah Michael! Turning to women, drink or the abandonment of all gadgetry will simply exacerbate the problem. More women not replying to drunken txts... And all your gadgets will be be buzzing in the bin, unheard and unanswered! A self fufilling prophecy.