Saturday, 22 September 2012

(not)working title

I am discovering that this writing lark is something of a journey of discovery (if that doesn't constitute too many uses of discover in one sentence).
I started this blog as a place to develop my writing, and maybe find my "voice" (other writers* keep telling me I will have one somewhere, and that once I have found it, I'll be fine...I think I do have a voice, I'm just not sure how many people would want to listen to it!).
I really had no idea what would go in here, and having started it I was almost immediately convulsed with self-consciousness, and found the second post much harder than the first, and the third one harder still. I don't quite know why. My head has been full of ideas; at one point too many to cope with - you'll notice there was no post for June! June was actually a busy month - there was lot going on and I could have easily written about any or all of it...The trouble was the minute I thought I ought to write something for the blog, the words all disappeared like wraiths.
Perhaps I have writer's laryngitis?
*this should in no way be taken as an indication that I actually consider myself a writer


  1. I often feel I can "waffle" when I write, but that's how I write and to try to change would be like changing the way I speak, or the way I think...its just me.

    I hope your writers block unblocks soon!

  2. :-) Thanks Mums to Do!
    Not sure I can have writer's block if I'm not admitting to being a writer yet? lol!