Thursday, 17 July 2014

Creepy Crawlies

The past week I seem to have developed a magnetic personality for creatures with more than four legs. It began with a spider clinging to my car, looking as if it had been caught in a room with David Banner and some gamma rays. I am reliably informed this is a female green (no,really?) orb weaver spider. Quite common, actually.

 Next up, no more than two days later, this chap...who was cheeky enough to be inside the car! Yikes! Fortunately I didn't spot him until the end of the journey as I was parking the car, so no spider induced traffic calamity. This one is a harvester spider, apparently. He wasn't too keen on being ushered to the outside of the car. Perhaps for this reason he made a re-appearence a day later...crawling up my jeans leg. It may not have been the same one...perhaps he sent his big brother round to sort me out? Either way, this one was also encouraged to take a turn in the fresh air!

In the meantime at work, I have been keeping a spidery weather eye on two large black spider legs that are currently protruding out of a crack in the window frame near my desk. They have been there for a week, unmoving. Past experience has taught me not to be complacent. Just because they haven't moved doesn't mean they won't. I know one morning I will come to work and the legs will have disappeared and somwhere a rather large black spider will be lurking...

This is not the end of the creepy crawlie saga - I have also had a shield bug incident - but it was at this point that I felt inspired to pen a spidery flash...herewith shared!

Spider Humour
Spiders have a fiendish sense of humour. They lay in wait and jump out, "Boo!" Or creep up, unawares, as you watch TV in the dark. A sudden RAWR!!" in the flickering light of "Aliens III". But the best ones play the long game, hiding in a crevice in the window sill, just the tip of a black leg in view. There for days, unmoving. You convince yourself it is no threat. Then, one day, gone.

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