Sunday, 23 February 2014

A short short reprieve.

I was clearing out files and emails today and came across this very short short. I think it was a National Short Story Day Twitter challenge.  A story in a tweet. I kind of like it (I'm starting to say that a lot, lately), so I thought I'd share it before it was consigned to the recycle bin. Who knows maybe one of these days I'll develop the idea behind it. I'm pretty sure there was one...

She entered the room, a silence fell.
The kind of silence that screams through your soul.
That says 'From this moment, life changes".

Comments and suggestions welcome. Feel free to develop the idea if you have any inkling as to what happens next, or indeed what has gone before...


  1. Hard done by/ abused mother/wife who has walked into a room, that looks like a bomb has hit to be confronted by a husband /son wasted on drugs, syringe in arm etc looking to make her escape from a tortuous existence

    1. Have you written that one up, Wayne?