Friday, 29 November 2013

Seventy five words!

She waited.
There was nothing she could do. She knew that.
But still her mind raced, full of "what ifs?" and "maybes?". Futile ideas, straws to be grasped and crushed and discarded, instantly replaced by yet another desperate idea. 
The clock ticked, slow and deliberate, mocking her pretence at patience.
This was madness!
She should not have come. Not today, probably not ever.
Still the clock ticked on.
Dear God! How she hated the waiting.

I wrote this as a submission for Paragraph Planet which asks for a 75 word story. Have just realised it had 76 words (now edited)! Curse my dodgy maths skills!  Hopefully my English skills are a bit better? 


  1. Good luck D. I met them down in Brighton, lovely people.

    M x

  2. Thanks M. I am gradually working my way up. Have progressed from three lines to seventy five words! ;-)
    The guys behind the Brighton Geo-writing project which was an excellent idea. Would love to do something similar up here!

  3. This is basically my thought process all the time for anything I'm doing ... even after ordering coffee, while I'm waiting for it to be made, I'm sure I should have ordered a different flavor. :-)