Sunday, 30 June 2013

A New Love!

It has been a week for the theatre and cancer support. 
Much as I love Calendar Girls as a play and as a means of raising the profile of cancer research, its place in my heart has been superseded by another.  Spoonface Steinberg left me absolutely speechless.  I was invited to review it for Spikemike, and struggled to find the words to capture it. I found some eventually but I really feel they don't do it justice. Read the words, but if you are near a performance in July, book a ticket and go see this amazing play! breaking a leg: Review - Spoonface Steinberg - People's Theatre: Spoonface Steinberg 28th June 2013 Freerange Theatre Company Originally a radio play, Spoonface Steinberg was Lee Hall's breakthr...

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