Friday, 22 February 2013


As yet untitled

A fledgling.
I barely knew

A daughter,

a sister.

I married.

Became a wife,
a mother of sons.


I become 


  1. Love it...

    The ending... 'Me' implies you weren't you before, would 'more me' work this implies growth into the fullness of your personality and that your previous and current roles have not significantly subverted the you that is you which might be implied with the mere 'me' ending. This is all philosophical, and you should go with whatever works best for you!

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael. As for the ending - I'm not sure I am "more me" having not quite worked out who "me" was before I had other perceptions of imposed on me. I think women frequently lose themselves in the course of being the wife and mother. Once the kids are grown you have the time to ponder who you are, and if this is who you were meant to become.