Friday, 16 November 2012

Balancing words and images

At the beginning of October I arranged a workshop at the Art Gallery based around the Adrian Gray "Balance" Exhibition. The group worked with Linda Robinson co-author of  Words and Pictures: Photography with a Pen Poetry with a Camera . Below as promised are some of the words inspired by the session. Thanks to the Gallery staff for their help in making the workshop possible.

Stone Sculptures

A life in balance
Are they trying to improve on nature?
Seeking a moment of equipoise,
Feeling the pull of the earth.
and saying “what the hell”
Seeking to make a mystery or magical moment.
Brings a whole new meaning to the word “Rocker”

Balancing Stones

I walked the beaches of Hartlepool:
Seaton Carew and the headland.
Seeking rocks for symmetry, balance and equilibrium.
Both natural and of human origin.
And all I found were covered in weed,
Slimy weed, that defies adhesion.
Human waste and industries poisonous pollution.
Green and black and yuck.
If I intend to find a point of balance
I need a wire brush or sandpaper,
To make them clean or pure.

Brian Geddes

All in the Mind


in a frozen teeter
but a reluctant grain,
a scintilla shifts
a grind
And new striations
          On Crack
across the face
Aeons of 
compressed energy
From an id
Of repression

In the Zen Garden
One white stone on another 
Each stone a promise
Each stone a prayer
Each a memory
Like stones on a Jewish grave
Some stand upright, hard, resistant
Some ground to fragments
          like crushed bones
Some stones like pebbles
Hard, turned 
on themselves
Stones as many as the scattered
the sweated iron tracks.
Japanese general
Sitting in your Zen garden
Did you meditate this?

Tony Hey

In a pink fizz sky
Precariously poised,
A lemon slice.

Monolithic balance
in solid stone
Strength and weakness

Denise Sparrowhawk

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