Friday, 6 April 2012

First Post: it's all Mike's fault...

I set up this blog site weeks ago and then sat about ruminating on what exactly I should put in it. I fear I don't have an interesting enough life to write about my daily adventures. I don't really have any adventures - daily, weekly or other... What I do have, it would seem, is an abundance of views on things...I am not at all sure if they are relevant or interesting to anyone, but I do think that they are what you are going to get. Be prepared  for musings, rantings and preamblings around an undoubtedly eclectic mix of topics. If you are very unlucky they may even be interspersed with my attempts at 'proper' writing, but I'll try not to inflict too much of that on you!

So to start the ball rolling I have cheated a bit and posted a link to a review I wrote for Mike Hunter's blog. It seems fitting as it is almost certainly Mike's fault that I have finally taken the plunge into blogdom. Mike is a Twittermate with an interest (to put it mildly) in theatre and stage. He spotted a tweet or two of mine a year ago, and rather bravely or foolishly (I thought), asked if I could help him out with a review. I had never written a theatre review in my life so with rather uncharacteristic impetuosity I found myself agreeing to it! But I must have done ok because he came back and asked for more. Today's offering is my fifth to the house of spikemike.

I should say "Thanks Mike" for having faith in a stranger and giving me the chance to prove to myself, if no-one else, that I can actually string a couple of words together. One of these days we'll have that drink and then you can tell me what you really think. breaking a leg: The Heights - Live Theatre, 4th April - Review: Wednesday evening saw me tackling the city centre traffic in Newcastle with my son, for our first visit to the Live Theatre. This is a litt...

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  1. Firstly welcome to the world of blogs. If it makes you feel any more comfortable I don't really consider myself a blogger either, for all the reasons you cite above, plus any juicy morsel I snag I'm far more likely to keep it for my fiction than to use it in an opinion piece on my blog :-)
    Re your theatre review, it sounds a play right up my street. I love fictions where the audience can never tell what's true and what's a mediated reality and what's deliberately spun as a fiction.

    best of luck with the blog

    marc nash